Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

Fall Conference 2019

History of the Development of Geodetic Datums in the U.S.
by David Doyle, Base 9 Geodetic Consulting Services

Survey Methods of the Adirondack Survey, Part 1
by Jim Schaller, Colvin Crew

Survey Methods of the Adirondack Survey, Part 2
by Jim Vianna, PLS, Colvin Crew

Creation and Expansion of Vermont's Geodetic Network
by Dan Martin, Northeast Regional Geodetic Advisor

Stone Walls in Land Surveying (handout)
by Robert Thorson, Professor of Geology, University of Connecticut

Spring Seminar 2019

Counting Down to 2022: Update on U.S. Datums
by Dan Martin, Northeast Regional Geodetic Advisor

December Round Tables 2019

Vermont's Spatial Data Hub
by Daniel Jarvis, GIS Manager, Vermont Department of Health

Fall Conference 2018

Laser Scanning and Applications
by Michael Carter, L.S., Director of 3D Mapping, Doucet Survey Inc.

Highway Case Study: U.S. 7
by Ryan Cloutier, L.S., Geomatics Director, VHB South Burlington

Wallace Road: A Muddled Path
by Joe Flynn, L.S., Survey Manager, O'Leary-Burke Civil Associates

Fall Conference 2017
September 21 & 22, 2017
Stoweflake Resort & Conference Center

Finding Vermont Laws & Regulations for Land Surveyors, Jay Doody, PS, PE, Charter Oak State College

The Role of the Land Surveyor: Adverse Possession & Acquiescence, Stephan Nix, Attorney at Law and L.S.

The Historical Ecology of Early Vermont Surveys, Charlie Cogbill, Historical and Forest Ecologist

Spring Seminar 2017
April 21, 2017
The Inn at Essex, Essex, Vermont

The Use of Drones in Survey Applications, Ray Hintz, UMaine

The Use of Lidar in Survey Applications, Ray Hintz, UMaine

New Technology Survey Applications, Tim Patch, SVG Engineering

December Round Tables 2016
December 16, 2016
Capitol Plaza Hotel & Conference Center

Town Boundaries, by Paul Gillies and D. Gregory Sanford

Arbitration Agreement, provided by Paul Gillies

Arbitrators Report, provided by Paul Gillies

Title 24 : Municipal And County Government--Section 1461

Fall Conference 2016
September 14 & 15, 2016
Killington Grand Resort & Conference Center

FEMA and Flood Zones, Part 1, Karol Grove, Alpine Land Surveying

FEMA and Flood Zones Part 2, Karol Grove, Alpine Land Surveying

FEMA and Flood Zones Part 3, Karol Grove, Alpine Land Surveying

Using and Understanding OPUS, Dan Martin, Northeast Regional Geodetic Advisor

Spring Seminar 2016
April 8, 2016
Three Stallion Inn, Randolph

Working Within the Vermont Railway System, Dan Delabruere, Vermont Agency of Transportation

Case Study: the Importance of Communication and Current Research in Land Surveying, Thomas Mullard, Poole Professional Ltd.

The Vermont Shoreland Protection Act, Misha Cetner, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Fall Conference 2015
September 17 & 18, 2015
Killington Grand Resort and Conference Center

Journey to the Moving Center of the Earth: the Evolution of the National Spatial Reference System, Dan Martin, Northeast Regional Geodetic Advisor

Water Boundaries: Littoral and Riparian Rights and the Public Trust Doctrine, Liam Murphy, Esq., Murphy Sullivan Kronk

Rules Determining Mean Water Levels, presented by Liam Murphy, report by the Vermont Natural Resources Board

Lake Champlain Has Risen: An Update of the Mean Water Levels of Lake Champlain, presented by Liam Murphy, original report by Brendan Murphy, Champlain Valley Union High School

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