Who We Are

The Vermont Society of Land Surveyors is a nonprofit membership organization of licensed surveyors and their professional associates around Vermont.

A Resource for the Public

The society works to educate the general public in the use of surveys and maps and to encourage the growth of basic surveying and mapping programs. We also advance the sciences of surveying and mapping in their branches, to promote the public welfare and in the interests of both those who use maps and surveys and those who make them. Finally, we serve as a central source of reference and union for our members.

Continuing Education for Surveyors

One of our first responsibilities is to provide continuing education programs that allow our members to upgrade their skills and meet the licensing requirements of the Vermont Board of Land Surveyors. Vermont has required licenses for land surveyors since 1969. Our goal is to establish and maintain uniformly high professional standards of work and ethics in the practice of surveying and mapping.

Executive Committee

The officers of the Society include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers, together with the Board of Directors, consisting of three members, constitute the Executive Committee.



Randy Otis, L.S.
Dubois & King, Inc.

Vice President

Nate Yager, L.S.
Latitudes Land Surveying


Lisa Ginett, L.S.
Sunwise Surveying


Keith Van Iderstine, L.S.
McCain Consulting, Inc.


Becky Gilson, L.S.
Gilson Land Surveying

Paul Hannan, L.S.
(802) 454-1074

Mark A. Day, L.S.
Day Land Surveying

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