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A Listserv is a method of communicating with a group of people via email. You send one email message to the “reflector” email address, and the software sends the email to all of the group's subscribers.

We are using Google Groups for this service, so our email address is [email protected].

No. The Listserv is only open to current members of the Vermont Society of Land Surveyors.

Once you've subscribed to the VSLS Listserv, you can post a message at any time. Just send an email to [email protected] and the message will be emailed to all other subscribers.

*Note: If you have more than one email address, remember to send your Listserv message from the email address that you subscribed with. 

If you want everyone to see your response:

Select "reply" on your email, and your message will be sent to the entire group.

If you want to respond only to the person who posted the message: 

Click on their email address, located at the top of the email message, and you'll be able to respond only to them.

The forum can be used for general work-related questions, job opportunities, equipment needs, inquiries about past surveys, etc.

It's not appropriate for complaints about individuals or organizations.

Yes, the VSLS Administrator will look at the messages before sending them to the group to make sure the tone stays friendly.

Because our Administrator is reviewing messages before they are sent, there will be a delay depending on her availability. But she will send Listserv posts as soon as possible during regular business hours (and even after hours).

You will receive a message every time someone sends an email to the Listserv. If you would prefer to receive a "digest" version or a daily summary of recent posts, please send us a note.

You can unsubscribe at any time. There is a link at the bottom of every email that brings you to an unsubscribe page. Or, you can just send a note to our Administrator, and she can remove you.

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The Listserv is only open to VSLS members in good standing.

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