Book for Sale:
"Henry David Thoreau as a Surveyor: The Myth Versus the Reality"

This trade paperback is 194 pages and features 82 illustrations. Author David Garcelon, PLS, has been a land surveyor for more than 55 years and surveyed the Concord, Mass. area for a decade, including properties that had been surveyed by Thoreau. He found that the quality of Thoreau's survey work didn't match what had been written about it, but that the real story about Thoreau as a surveyor is much more interesting than the myth. $27.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.

Contact David Garcelon, 207-373-1990 or [email protected]


Posted November 15, 2019

For Sale: Washington County Atlas

I have for sale a reprint of the WASHINGTON COUNTY ATLAS that is in absolutely excellent condition.  The asking price is $495.00.

Contact Andy Dussault: [email protected]

Posted November 1, 2019


For Sale: Iron Pipes

1" X 36" iron pipes for sale.  Approximately 200.  Great condition. Make an offer. Pick up in Landgrove, Vermont.

Contact: Bill Creamer, 802-768-8951
[email protected]

Posted October 28, 2019


Needed: Surveyors for Curriculum Development

The Curriculum Department at McKissock Continuing Education is seeking licensed Land Surveyors to join their Curriculum Development Team as authors. They are looking for writers that are knowledgeable and have a talent for writing. This is a remote, contractor position, and a contract for this project must be signed.

COMPENSATION: $650 per credit hour.


  • The writer will be given guidelines and must comply with all copyright protection rules.
  • The writer must use APA documentation model and writing style while citing accurate references.
  • The writer will be required to write measurable and relevant learning objectives.
  • The writer must provide multiple choice questions. (The number of questions is determined by credit hours)
  • Courses must be a minimum of 2 credit hours. (One credit hour consists of 6,000 words)

Contact: Tracey Ivey, Assistant Project Manager, McKissock Learning
[email protected]

Posted October 7, 2019

Needed: Bathymetric Survey

We are looking for Vermont surveyors who can provide estimates for a bathymetric survey of a dozen water-filled rock quarries at the historic Rock of Ages Barre Granite Quarries. We are looking for a high resolution DEM / contour / or point cloud of the underwater wall and quarry floor features to compliment our above ground mine-survey. Currently, we utilize drone photogrammetry and lidar-derived DEM but neither of those technologies show anything below the water surface.

Please contact Marshall Rich:
[email protected]

Posted September 27, 2019

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