Surveying Laws & Publications

The Vermont Society of Land Surveyors has publications available to anyone looking for information about the laws regulating the field of surveying. Many of those who are applying for licensure in Vermont find these helpful in preparing for the Vermont state exam.

  • History_VT_Survey_Law_Cover

    Vermont Survey Law

    A digital manual of Vermont jurisprudential standards regarding surveys, surveyors, and foundation locations. Third edition 2021. Updated by Paul S. Gillies, 2021

    Download a copy.

  • History_VT_Town_Roads_Cover

    The History and Law of Vermont Town Roads

    Vermont's historic roads and highways. By Paul S. Gillies, 2021

    Download a copy.

  • Highway_Law_Ayers

    Vermont Highway Law

    A summary of selected Vermont statues and common law. By Kenneth L. Ayers, Esq., 1989

    Download a copy.

  • Bigelow_Cover

    The Bigelow Papers

    Critical comments on Vermont land surveyors and some land records. Research aspects of Vermont land surveying. By Paul w. Bigelow, 1987

    Download a copy.

More Information

For more information about the laws related to land surveying in Vermont, please contact a licensed land surveyor or an attorney experienced in real estate law.

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