Publications Available

The Vermont Society of Land Surveyors has several publications available. Many surveyors applying for licensure in Vermont find these helpful in studying for the Vermont state exam.
Vermont Survey Law

A fully indexed compendium of Vermont jurisprudential standards regarding surveys, surveyors, and foundation locations. Second edition 1996. *We are hoping to update this in the near future.

Vermont Highway Law

A summary of selected Vermont statues and common law. Click here for free download.
By Kenneth L. Ayers, 1989

A Short History of Vermont Highway Law

Locating Vermont’s historic roads and highways.
By Paul S. Gillies, 1992

Bigelow Papers on Vermont Land Surveying

Critical comments on Vermont land surveyors and some land records. Research aspects of Vermont land surveying.
By Paul W. Bigelow 

Ordering the publications

The publications are free, but we do charge $15 for shipping and handling. You may download the Vermont Highway Law booklet, at no cost, at any time.