By-Laws: Articles IX-XVI

Article IX: Regular Meetings

  1. Regular meetings shall be held at least three times a year.
  2. The date, time, and place of each meeting shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
  3. A special meeting maybe called in lieu of or in addition to a regular meeting.

Article X: Annual Meeting

  1. The Annual Meeting shall be held in the month of December, and shall be considered a regular meeting.
  2. The date, time, and place of each annual meeting shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
  3. The Annual Meeting shall be the governing body of the Society.

Article XI: Voting Body

  1. The voting body of the meetings shall consist of the Full, Emeritus and Life members of the Society.
  2. Each eligible voter shall have but one vote.
  3. Ten percent (10%) of the eligible voters shall constitute a quorum. Two (2) of these members shall be members of the Executive Committee.
  4. Any motion that comes from the floor at a business meeting, which involves spending $1000 or more, requires that 70% of the membership in good standing be in attendance to be voted on at that meeting. If 70% of the membership in good standing is not in attendance, the motion shall be sent to all members for a vote by ballot or be warned in the next issue of The Cornerpost for voting at the next business meeting.

Article XII: Executive Committee


  1. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the officers and the Board of Directors (see Article VI Sec. 1).
  2. A majority shall constitute a quorum.


The Executive Committee shall:

  1. Meet at the call of the President.
  2. Perform the duties delegated to it here and elsewhere under these by-laws.
  3. Transact business referred to it by the membership.
  4. Coordinate the work of standing committees and authorize and direct the work of each.
  5. Select the date, time, and place of all meetings, including the annual meeting.
  6. Submit to the membership such recommendations as it deems advisable.
  7. Determine the amount and authorize payment of fidelity bonds for the Treasurer of the Society.
  8. Take no action in conflict with that of the membership.
  9. Appoint the editor of the Society newsletter who shall serve until a successor is appointed.
  10. Have the authority to contract for administrative services.

Article XIII: Committees

  1. Standing committees may be created by the Executive Committee as deemed necessary to promote the objectives and carry on the work of the Society.
  2. All standing committees except the Executive Committee shall be composed of not less than three (3) members of the Society.
  3. Each standing committee shall make an annual report to the Society membership at the annual meeting, a copy of which report shall be filed with the Secretary.
  4. Special committees may be created and appointed by the President or Executive Committee.

Article XV: Committee Chairs

  1. Nominations for chairs of standing committees shall be made by the Committee on Nominations.
  2. Only a member of the Society, whose consent has been secured, shall be eligible for nomination for chair of a standing committee, either by the Committee on Nominations or from the floor.
  3. Election of chairs of standing committees shall be held at the annual meeting prior to the election of officers.
  4. Additional nominations may be made from the floor of this meeting. A majority of the votes cast shall constitute an election.
  5. If a vacancy occurs in the chair of a standing committee, the Executive Committee shall be empowered to fill such vacancy.

Article XV: Standing Committees

Nominating: A Nominating committee, consisting of three members, shall be appointed annually by the Executive Committee at the first regular meeting following the annual meeting and shall serve until the first regular meeting following the next annual meeting; shall select one nominee for each office to be filled at the next annual meeting and mail a list of these nominees to all members via the Society newsletter prior to said meeting. Said list to include Officers, Directors, and Standing Committee Chairs.

Ethics and Standards: The Ethics and Standards Committee shall formulate and review ethical standards for the profession and shall hear and investigate all complaints of unethical or illegal practice and attempt to resolve the same.

The Ethics and Standards Committee shall consist of five elected members each from a different geographical area of the State. Each member shall serve for a term of three years. In the case of electing the first committee one shall be elected for one year, two for two years, and two for three years. Any vacancy in a term of office shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Committee. The members appointed shall serve until the next annual meeting at which time an election will be held to fill the remainder of any unexpired term. Upon election of the new members at the annual meeting the committee shall elect a vice-chair and secretary.

The Ethics and Standards Committee shall formulate and review the Vermont Board of Land Surveyors standards of practice for the land surveying profession in the State of Vermont for presentation and approval by the Society Membership and shall provide technical assistance and advice on the use of such standards.

Legislative. The Legislative Committee shall monitor proposed local, state and national legislation affecting the profession and regularly inform and advise the Society thereon. The Legislative Committee may introduce and lobby for legislation relevant to the profession, with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Membership: The Membership Committee shall prepare and continuously maintain a membership list of the Society reflecting grade and status of each member, together with other information deemed appropriate and shall recommend form and content of membership application.

Publications: The Publications Committee shall edit, publish and disseminate an official newsletter called The Cornerpost, and shall edit, publish, disseminate all other publications of the Society.

Program: The Program Committee shall, in cooperation with the Executive Committee, make all necessary arrangements for general membership meetings, professional development programs and any other functions of the Society as a whole that are approved by the Executive Committee.

Public Relations: The Public Relations Committee shall promote the profession and the objectives of the Society within the private and professional community.

Budget: The Budget Committee shall prepare in cooperation with other Committees an annual budget for submission to the Executive Committee and for approval of the membership at the last quarterly meeting of the calendar year and shall review reports of the Treasurer and advise the Treasurer of any action that should be taken to advance or protect the financial interests of the Society.

G/L.I.S./Geodetic Control: The G/L.I.S./Geodetic Control Committee shall monitor the activities of any agency or entity engaged in the implementation and/or use of Geographic Information Systems as they pertain to the survey profession in Vermont; Shall offer expertise in survey matters and promote the role of the surveyor in the development and maintenance of such systems; Shall promote the use of the Vermont Coordinate System and assist in the maintenance of Vermont’s Geodetic Control Network.

Preservation: The Preservation Committee shall formulate procedures for preservation of plans and/or records of Vermont surveyors. The Committee shall implement said procedures to preserve any plans and/or records made available to the VSLS and shall insure that copies of same are properly indexed and safely stored.

Article XVI: Amendments

These by-laws may be amended at the Annual Meeting of the Society at which a quorum is present, by a two-thirds vote of the members present. Any duly warned proposed change to these by-laws may be amended from the floor by pertinent amendment at such Annual Meeting.


February 11, 1965


May 6, 1965
May 8, 1969
May 8, 1971
May 18, 1973
May 10, 1974
May 9, 1975
May 13, 1977
May 15, 1981
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May 6, 1983
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May 16, 2003
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